A revolutionary web3 application that streamlines group spending. With our dApp, group of people can effortlessly deposit money into a shared wallet, enabling seamless mutual spending experiences.

The problem SplETH solves

Establishing trust in a novel financial technology is crucial. SplETH is dedicated to gradually building confidence in this cutting-edge technology, making certain that users feel assured of its capabilities to handle their financial needs.

Our group expense-sharing multisig wallet dApp enables everyday (non-crypto-native) users to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrencies and blockchains by transacting small amounts within their friend circles.

Imagine going to a restaurant with your friends and the bill is automatically settled from your collective funds. Say goodbye to the hassle of dividing expenses and embrace the convenience of SplETH, making your social experiences smoother and more enjoyable than ever before.

We facilitate user onboarding and offboarding by:

  • Covering the gas fees for on & offboarding, making it cost-free (Powered by Gelato)
  • Utilizing stablecoins, which allow users to comprehend fiat values (USD, EUR, etc.)

Our team's financial benefit is derived from a commission on each spending transaction.

Challenges we ran into

While developing our application, we faced several challenges that required innovative solutions. One major hurdle was ensuring a user-friendly experience for non-crypto-native users while maintaining the robustness and security of the underlying technology. Balancing these aspects proved to be demanding.

Another challenge was integrating the Gelato API into our platform. This powerful Web3 tool allowed us to cover gas fees for onboarding and offboarding users, making the process cost-free. However, its implementation was complex and required a deep understanding of both the API and the blockchain ecosystem. Our team worked diligently to overcome these obstacles, learning valuable lessons along the way, and ultimately succeeded in creating a seamless user experience that is both accessible and secure.