Web3 Creative Ecosystem

The problem Splash solves

Tools like Canva, Figma and Adobe XD have become extremely popular recently as they empower novice users to express their creativity. They have become the standard tools for GenZ content creators by providing a plethora of pre-built templates that could be mixed-and-matched in ingenious ways.
This project intends to become a similar tool for web3 audiences where people could browse through a vast library of such templates minted as NFTs and use them to power their creations in a decentralized manner. The creators of the ingredient NFTs are automatically attributed respective shares whenever the artwork is sold on the platform.
This fosters a creator economy that flourishes without the need of a central authority.

Progress made till now:

  1. Integrated NFT.storage to publish all projects as NFTs directly from the app
  2. Integrated Graph Protocol with ipfs support to parse NFT data
  3. Added the ability to link projects which are then, indexed using the graph protocol
  4. Added the ability to "buy" (mint) projects directly from the user profile

To Do:

  1. Integrate text-based search across names, tags, etc
  2. Create shareable user profiles