Soul Business Platform

We help MSMEs to quickly onboard themselves to the AA ecosystem. We also provide an AI driven admin portal with meaningful dashboards that helps businesses make quick and informative decisions.

The problem Soul Business Platform solves

We are solving two problems.

Build vs Buy: Not all companies (especially MSMEs) have the resources to build and manage inetgrations with AAs. This might not be their core expertise either. We provide them with a vendor(AA) agnostic middleware to quickly integrate their existing applications or build new applications using our technology kit.

Not just XML: Data is as good as what you make of it. With Soul Business, you don't just get raw data but a meaning dashboard powered by AI and ML algorithms. It analyzes the customer data and can provide a Risk profiles, cash flow patterns, spending patterns, and overall financial health.This means a reviewer can make quick and informative decisions. An appication process that would take days or weeks can now be processed within hours or minutes.

Our offering is of the following:

  1. An devops ready on-prem deployment
    2 A SAAS offering