Metaverse for content creators which they can customise based on their own creativity

Built at ETHernals
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Last updated: 03 April 2022 06:56 PM

Created project

The problem SonicRoom solves

SonicRoom is a metaverse platform for content creators to stream , post videos and sell NFTs. Here creators own their own Metaverse and can customise it as per their creativity. You build your own room and other users can view your content and buy NFTs through your land . This is the best platform especially for gamers as gamers love building. The metaverse gives you a complete 3D experience and it developed with react three fiber so VR can be enabled as well. The room is stored smartly to IPFS as an array object and tokenized so everyone owns their unique land and all this is stored on chain on polygon. This dapp uses biconomy for network agnostic gasless transactions. Creating a new profile and posting are gasless and network agnostic to provide the easist onboarding experience as these are the main entry points for the application. It also uses Superfluid for memberships as superfans which could act as a gate to community events, etc

Challenges I ran into

Creating the metaverse and creating separate rooms of ownership while maintaining the state of the room were some of the challenges I ran into