The best streaming investments platform on Solana.

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Last updated: 05 September 2021 09:19 AM

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The problem Solvest.in solves

The platform allows users to invest in curated tokens which are based on the distribution of other tokens on Solana.
It essentially solves the problem of automation in Solana which means users can create streams and their investments would automatically happen each day/week or month. This has always been a challenge with Defi.

The platform includes:

  • Ability for users to create Streams on different tokens
  • Ability to invest in investment buckets that are curated based on distribution - this means you can invest in 10 tokens by buying just 1.
  • Ability to set the duration on investments automation - For example: every week buy Solbucks worth 1 SOLANA and it will automatically trigger the buy each week.
  • Ability to track investments for the wallet that's connected which include charts, transactions history, and a lot more
  • Ability to invest in Index Tokens
  • Ease of managing your portfolio

The scope of the platform is huge, with this base we have:

  • Users can create customized buckets for themselves
  • The social features on the platform would mean users can share these buckets with each other and comment on different strategies for investments.
  • The leaderboard would essentially allow users to find top buckets for investments
  • The leaderboard would allow users to clone the buckets of other users and invest in those tokens.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into

  • Limited documentation about streaming payments on the blockchain
  • Solana documentation though thorough, it was challenging to find solutions
  • Rust is fairly new
  • Streaming payments was challenging to implement on Solana