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Last updated: 05 September 2021 05:40 PM

updated demo video

The problem Solmate solves

Solmate is a platform for registering your wedding on Solana. Solamate allows you to store your wedding information such as your names, date of the wedding, the bridesmaid and the best man details on Solana blockchain via a smart contract.

The users can:

  • Register their wedding on a Solana
  • Create a Date NFT which shows the count up timer along with their photos on Solana
  • Create programmable NFTs which you can create and customize on Solmate
  • Solmate Social is a place where you can share your NFTs with other users on the platform

We can add a lot more to the platform:

  • Create NFT smart contract
  • Develop mobile app
  • Create animated NFTs
  • Add more customisation in NFT builder
  • Smart contract to create automatic NFTs for anniversaries
  • More functionalities can be added for social aspect

Challenges we ran into

  • Documentation for Solana Smart Contract
  • Limited Community support
  • Code examples description is not adequate