SolFluid is a protocol for real-time finance on Solana, that enables continuous, autonomous and trustless payments.

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Last updated: 05 September 2021 06:00 PM

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The problem SolFluid solves

Real-time streaming can be loosely translated as a constant flow of assets from one wallet to another every second. It makes transactions much faster and also enables a trust-less environment.

This could change the obsolete ways used nowadays which involve setting transactions, setting agreements, and hence open up many possibilities in recurring transactions, micro-consultation services, and other engagements where time is money.

Some use cases-

  1. Payrolls - SolFluid can be used by companies to pay their employees in crypto. Employees can withdraw the amount by seconds. The crypto solution can ensure trustless payments.
  2. Freelance - In freelancing, SolFluid can ensure that freelancer is payed for the time he worked. The client can also cancel the stream midway if he finds the work is not good.
  3. The protocol can be used for OTT (Over the top) platforms like Netflix, spotify, and other subscription based services.
  4. Micro consultation services can also benifit by the SolFluid protocol, to ensure trustless payments.

Real-time finance makes it 10x easier for people to take ultra short-term jobs on the Internet.

Challenges we ran into

In the start we found it quite challenging to understand how data storage works on solana blockchain, But after reading all the docs provide by solana on accounts, understanding ownership of the account. We were able to figure some of it out. After few hit and trials and brainstorming we were able to figure out how we can create a system without data storage limit on Solana blockchain. Though we would like to mention the program development part was super fun for me(sushant), choosing a type-safe, and null-safe language was a great choice made by solana developers for programs on chain.

In the initial development of the project we were not able to figure out how can create mutiple instructions on a single program, as for that it only has one instruction


after thinking we were able to find out a variable we can use to call different function.

A mistake we made, We had a stuct of size 97 bytes at a point in development, but we tried to allocated 110 to the Program drived account, then when the program was writing on the account it worked fine. But when we tried reading it didn't worked(Some Borsh error) after deploying like 10 times some different version of the program and reading about borsh crate we were able to figure out the issue and fix it.