Soccerji - Sports Reputation on Chain

Soccerji - Sports Reputation on Chain

Players and tournament achievements and reputation on chain

The problem Soccerji - Sports Reputation on Chain solves

Achievement data in any sports or game app is easy to be tampered with, because it belongs to the data stored in a centralized database, the large Web 2.0 platform has the supreme power to modify at will.

In Soccerji, players earn achievement badges for various milestones such as scoring specific number of goals, man of the match, assisting others and such 30+ various achievements.

These badges players earn over the period of their career with lot of hard work, dedication and consistency. This is one of the most important data for a player in his overall career and they can’t afford lose.

Project Timeline:

Challenges I ran into

Identifying how to manage NFTs which are distributed to multiple owners in such a way that they can not transfer further. These stays with them all life.