Sniffing out your next NFT obsession, with alerts and automatic buy for unbeatable prices !

The problem Sniffer solves

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the way we perceive and assign value to digital assets. Each NFT, represents a distinct digital item—be it art, real estate, or collectible. However, within the vast landscape of these digital tokens, a new challenge arises: rarity. In any NFT collection, not all tokens are created equal. Some are more rare and, consequently, more sought after, leading to fierce competition and inflated prices.

In this rapidly evolving marketplace, a significant number of participants engage in a relentless race, vying for ownership of these rare NFTs. The fierce competition often leads to a scenario where prospective owners struggle to secure the NFT they desire at a price they can afford. This intense battleground, rife with complexities and volatility, calls for a comprehensive solution that eases the user experience while optimizing their success rate in acquiring preferred NFTs.

Enter our solution: Sniffer. Designed to navigate the intricacies of the NFT market, the Sniffer does more than just monitor the digital scene. It actively observes, analyzes, and acts. Users receive live alerts on the latest listed NFTs, keeping them ahead of the curve and in the know. However, our tool does not merely stop at alerting users; it intelligently evaluates the rarity of each NFT, enabling users to tailor their preferences and narrow down their search to the types of rarity they desire.

But our solution doesn't end there. Understanding the necessity for swift action in this competitive marketplace, our NFT Sniffer is equipped with an automatic purchase feature. Users can grant the application allowance to execute purchases on their behalf the moment their preferred NFT is listed at the best price. This way, Sniffer not only finds and evaluates, but it also "snipes" the NFT, securing it for the user at an optimal price point.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain listing data from Prime Numbers at the moment, which means we are unable to offer a fully functional MVP. After speaking with Arturo from Prime Numbers, their team is currently working on a swager for data requests. We should be able to make our MVP fully functional from next week.

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