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Last updated: 28 February 2021 06:13 AM

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The problem Snaplify solves

The lockdown had a very significant impact on our lives and has proven to grow distances among our friends and families.
Snaplify provides a Gamified solution to this cause.
Users can share pictures of their memories with each other in a fun way. All they have to do is to share 4 Pictures relating to a WORD, to their friends and the friends are supposed to guess the WORD using the pictures.
Snaplify is classified as an Entry for the Track "Let's Have Fun", the secondary Track "Let's Connect" along with eligibility for the MATIC prize.
The core concept is to bring out the past happy memories and reminisce the happy events in users' lives.
Apart from this, it also provides a healthy competition that motivates users to share more such Snaps and Snap Challenges with their loved ones, which provides more Rewards.
User Identification is based on Google Accounts.
The App is made Child Friendly and it is made sure that no one publishes any vulgar images or words with the help of a Flask based Deep Learning model deployed on Heroku.
And don't worry about the Pictures as they are stored using the MOIBIT decentralized secure storage network which proves to be secured.
Snaplify also provides seamless User to User chat functionality to exchange chains of thoughts between users.
All in all, Snaplify also presents itself with an Attractive User Interface.
We'll be glad to have a large user base in future. Welcome to Snaplify!

Challenges we ran into

Designing a User-centric and User-Friendly Interface.
Modelling Database Entries for a Scalable Product.
Managing Versions of dependencies that are compatible with each other