On-Chain Firewall by TurtleShell

On-Chain Firewall by TurtleShell

On-Chain Firewall based on TurtleShell's Security SDK and EIP-7265 (Circuit Breaker) ... A Demo that protects a protocols liquidity by creating a threshold on events that indicate exploits.

The problem On-Chain Firewall by TurtleShell solves

IMAGINE, your worst nightmare happens ... you wake up one day and all your funds are gone,
this is a potential reality to every DeFi Protocol. Unfortunately, every DeFi protocol is subsceptible to potential exploits, audits do not provide a guarantee for protection.

TurtleShell, however, provides a verifiable way, to prevent hacks before happening directly on the blockchain.

  • Protect Protocol Liquidity from being stolen
  • Improve Security Practices in web3
  • pro-active security
  • NO MORE HACKED Liquidity

Challenges we ran into

  • time constraint
  • complexity in reproducing more thorough hack scenarios