Simplifying Employee Expenses & Budget Management

The problem Sloth solves

The average time to submit a reimbursement claim is 23 minutes. The average time to process the reimbursement request is 7-8 working days. At Sloth, we aim at simplifying employee expense reimbursements with the following solutions. This

  • Automatic Expense Bill Reimbursements
  • Budget Tracking dashboard for employers
  • Gamification of budget and expenses with rewards and coupons

In the above solution,

  • There is no need for any kind of technical integrations with the existing financial system of the companies
  • Platform independent - Our system is designed in a way in which any company can just get onboarded and we take care of everything else on reimbursements, budgets, and rewards.
  • We aim at the usage of paper with similar virtual experiences by 95%
  • This proposed solution adds a new persona of having companies onboarded in the AA ecosystem

Challenges we ran into

Building on top of a new stack can be challenge and we faced found that AA query doesn't support query of transaction where specific regex pattern can match the narrations. This will not only reduce the data footprint an FIU can have of a user but also helps out to exclude the data that are not meaningful to a particular use case. For us we only want to have a company's transaction where it gave reimbursement to its employees thus creating more privacy and security to the company.

Technologies used