An application that helps to reduce the slip that is incurred during swap of tokens on Kyber Swap.

The problem SlipSwap solves

While swapping the tokens, we often face the problem of slip. That is, there is some loss of tokens that we receive when we increase the input token amount. So instead of doing one big transaction, we can break the amount into smaller amounts. We can save a significant amount of USD while doing so. We provide a suggestion to the user for the splits that they can perform to gain the maximum profit, along with the USD saved. As the gas required increases with the number of transactions, we have tried to balance the gas required and the profit gained. The application intends to provide an appropiate balance between the number of transactions and minimizing the slip.

Challenges we ran into

In our application, we provide suggestions while swapping any currreny to ETH. As the Kyber API provides only the amount of tokens(of a particular currency) that we can get from 1 ETH, we had to fix the destination currency to ETH.
We tried using the Smart Contract to resolve this issue, but it had a rate limit of around 40 requests per minute.

The kyber API has a limit of 50 requests per minute and hence we reduced the number of requests for larger values by scaling them down. The scaling factor we chose was the conversion rate of 1ETH to that currency. We get this factor from the Smart Contract.