Simpli Flow

Simpli Flow

The fastest way to build onFlow

The problem Simpli Flow solves


Simpli Flow is an all-in-one solution designed to revolutionize blockchain interactions on the Flow blockchain. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Simpli Flow empowers users and developers to seamlessly navigate the complexities of the Flow blockchain ecosystem.
Powered by a self-trained GPT model, Simpli Flow combines advanced artificial intelligence with blockchain expertise to offer an unparalleled experience in auditing, building, adapting, creating, and deploying contracts, transactions, and providing general answers. Providing an accessible, efficient, and all-encompassing solution for the Flow blockchain.


  • Dynamic Contract Building: Effortlessly build contracts through its intuitive interface. Users can generate contract templates, adapt existing contracts to meet specific requirements, and explore a vast library of pre-built contract components.

  • Seamless Deployment: Simplifies the complexities of interacting with the Flow blockchain. Users can effortlessly deploy contracts and transactions, ensuring a smooth transition from development to production.

  • Smart Contract Auditing: Utilize AI capabilities to analyze smart contracts, identifying potential vulnerabilities and providing comprehensive audit reports. This enables users to ensure the security and reliability of their smart contracts.

  • Intelligent Answers: Ask general questions about the Flow blockchain, protocols, and ecosystem, and receive accurate and helpful answers from Simpli Flow's AI-powered system. It serves as a knowledgeable companion, providing insights and explanations on-demand.

  • Adaptive Transaction Management: Adapts to the ever-evolving needs of developers and users by offering intelligent transaction management. It assists in constructing efficient transaction structures, optimizing gas usage, and ensuring transactions align with the desired objectives.

Challenges we ran into

Limited Availability of SDKs and Integration Packages

During the development of Simpli Flow, we encountered a significant challenge due to the limited availability of software development kits (SDKs) and integration packages specific to the Flow blockchain. This hindered the integration of certain functionalities and delayed the implementation process.

Difficulty Hosting Rasa Server

Another hurdle we faced was encountered during the hosting of the Rasa server, which serves as a crucial component for the intelligent answer generation feature in Simpli Flow. We encountered compatibility issues and faced difficulty in configuring the server to ensure its stability and performance.

Despite extensive troubleshooting, we were unable to successfully host the RASA server online. We deeply regret that this limitation prevented us from having a live version of Simpli Flow online