Tap into a richer Identity experience across the web3 multiverse

The problem helloID.xyz solves

For Dapps/Games

dApps/Games have to optimize whether a user is using their website from a laptop or a phone? uses metamask / trust / phantom or another wallet? Are they even web3 native or do they only have google credentials?
dApps/Games typically use a window.Ethereum object to get very limited info about the wallet aka user. So they have to gather essential user data with friction
some dApps such as DEXes lending undercollateralized loans might need a deeper identity verification of a borrower to access web3 credit history to calculate credibility
For End Users using those dApps

There’s no google sign in equivalent where only one tap is needed w/o a wallet passkey
Users need better and granular control of data/permissions to dApps
There’s a need for an Identity fabric for the user to use across web3.
ex: Users can buy an Adidas NFT in one dApp and have Adidas avatar unlocked in another game thanks to their decentralized ID, Or their POAPs / NFTs can be used inter-dapp

Challenges I ran into

SignX was initially focused on being a DocuSign competitor, by users uploading pdfs, making people sign through wallet addresses, and then deploying it on chain
We built the MVP in 1.5 months, and it’s currently alpha live @ signx.dev
However, we made the mistake of finishing 80% and then looking out for problems to solve. Neither web2 market didn’t want the friction of creating wallet addresses, nor our web3 market GTM (DAOs and NFT community) has much use found in old school PDF agreements.
This made our idea sound interesting on paper, but IRL the people who would use it are highly niche
We however had an interesting approach to attaching the identity of a person’s wallet to their real-life identity with DiDs and verifiable credentials.
This proposal is going to be a “zoom-out” pivot with our DiDs being the centerpiece, and we try to approach scalable real existing problems rather than focussing on the fanciness of an idea