A free and instant payment gateway for UPI using AA.

The problem Shulk solves

UPI recently crossed a 10 Billion transaction mark. Accepting UPI payments using traditional gateways is expensive and slow. The inefficiency of gateways come from routing the transactions unnecessarily.

Shulk lets you use your own UPI VPA as a payment gateway. Shulk is a dashboard and API layer over a user's personal/commercial UPI address.

Since the user is directly transacting with the merchant. The transactions are technically free and enable instant settlements.

Shulk uses AA to get confirmation of the transaction from the merchant's bank account.

Challenges we ran into

  1. There is no possible way to get confirmation of the transaction from the third party PSP server. We solved it by polling the account for 5 minutes and appending a random digit to the amount in the form of paise. We check the confirmation of the transaction against the randomly generated digit in those 5 minutes.

  2. Another challenge was to simulate real UPI transactions with demo data, realtime.