ShiSUI Rewards

ShiSUI Rewards

NFT rewards for community builders

Built at Unfold 2023
Superteam: Composable NFT Loyalty

The problem ShiSUI Rewards solves

ShiSUI is a platform that allows communities to reward nfts users that provide vaule in the comunity. In the project we have created telegram community and based on the engagement received nfts are awwarded to the users in SUI Blockchain. to easily interact with the protocol.

Challenges we ran into

We dedicated extensive efforts to integrate the SUI network's zklogin feature, investing hours in rigorous debugging. Despite our persistent attempts, we encountered insurmountable challenges. Subsequently, we made a strategic decision to pivot and seamlessly transitioned to the suiet wallet SDK, ensuring a robust and reliable solution for our project.

Cheer Project

Cheering for a project means supporting a project you like with as little as 0.0025 ETH. Right now, you can Cheer using ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism and Base.