Keep your keys safe, shareable, and recoverable with ease.

Built at ETHIndia Fellowship 3.0

The problem ShareLock solves

This project solves the problem of users permanently losing access to their funds due to lost or forgotten private keys.

One of the main challenges of using cryptocurrencies is the risk of losing access to funds due to lost or stolen private keys. Private keys are used to access and manage cryptocurrency funds, and if they are lost or stolen, the user may permanently lose access to their funds. Key recovery wallets with MPC and ZKP solve this problem by offering a highly secure way to recover lost or stolen private keys.

Multiple parties can work together using MPC to reconstruct a user's private key without any one party having access to the full key. ZKP can be used to verify the correctness of the reconstructed key without revealing any additional information about the key itself.
Also keeps you informed throughout the recovery process with notifications to ease the user experience.

Challenges I ran into

Developing my project that used cutting-edge technologies such as circom and proof generation posed several challenges. Initially, I struggled to get a hang of these new technologies and understand how to use them effectively. Issues with npm caused significant frustration as things didn't work out as planned. Furthermore, I faced several problems when working with Metamask snaps, which caused breaking due to changes that required time-consuming adjustments. Designing the cryptography algorithm for secret sharing was also challenging and required deep expertise in complex mathematical concepts. Moreover, issues with circuits arose when working with big numbers as inputs and negative numbers, which were difficult to manage and required careful consideration.
Finally, overcoming challenges with circuits gave me hands-on experience in managing large inputs and negative numbers. Overall, despite the difficulties, the project helped me expand my knowledge and skills in a meaningful way.

Cheer Project

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