The one-stop destination for all your blockchain love life needs.

The problem ShaadiOnChain solves

Weddings in India are regarded to be an everlasting love relationship. ShaadiOnChain now allows you to record your love for the rest of your life.

Many Indian couples have begun to celebrate and register their weddings on the blockchain, although this can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with web3.

Our platform provides a simple interface for couples to enjoy a fully loaded love journey on the blockchain.

There are numerous options available on our platform that will assist you in your love life:

  • Dating - Match with random individuals. Accept or reject them based on the NFTs they possess.
  • Love Letters - Send love letters to users whom you have matched with or know of. Love letters are dynamic NFTs. They are blank pages that dynamically update once you write on them.
  • Rings Marketplace - Users can buy rings as NFTs from designers or companies to deliver with their engagement proposals. Designers have the option of minting and selling their rings on the marketplace. This offers them a source of income.
  • Engagement Proposal - Take the next step and send your love the engagement ring along with a heartfelt note of love. The proposee could accept the proposal and return a ring with their note. Don't be disheartened if your proposal is rejected.
  • Marriage Proposal - The pinnacle of your love journey. Consider the decision carefully, but once you've decided, it's just a matter of a few clicks on our platform. Send your marriage vows along with the proposal, and they will be saved on the blockchain forever.
    If your partner agrees to the marriage, you will both receive -
    • Marriage certificate- Proof of your marriage that will endure forever and cannot be altered.
    • Tree NFT - Growing evolutionary dynamic NFT. Our goal is to plant a tree for every NFT so that the tree grows with the growing love not just on the blockchain, but also in our real world.

Challenges we ran into

  • We spent the first several weeks brainstorming ideas for our project and determining what elements would be required to make the platform a one-stop solution for all of your love life demands.
  • Live sessions and workshops presented us with the sponsors' technical advancements that might make our lives much easier.
  • Including so many features and contracts was a difficult task. When there was an error in a contract and we had to redeploy to test again.
  • While designing our UI, we kept Indian weddings in mind and spent a lot of time tinkering around to fulfil our user-friendly platform checklist.
  • We also ran into errors deploying our react frontend on Spheron but ultimately we were able to do it successfully.

Our platform makes use of a variety of incredible technological advances to provide users with a friendly and great experience as they create their love life on blockchain:
⚡Lightning fast transactions powered by Polygon network
📦Distributed storage powered by FileCoin (nft.storage)
📔Displaying NFTs of a user for dating and rings of a particular user by Alchemy NFT API
💲Latest MATIC/USD price conversions powered by Chainlink price feeds
🌐React frontend hosted on Spheron

🏢Business Model

  • We will charge the designers a small listing fee to list their ring NFTs on our marketplace.
  • Users can purchase love notes from our platform for a very low price.
  • The funds raised will be used to self-sustain the platform, and future decisions will be made through a DAO.

Future Scope

  • For the couples, we will provide a way for them to donate money directly to the tree campaign via SuperFluid on the platform.
  • We'd like to connect our platform to a metaverse project so that couples can be married in the metaverse in front of a live audience.
  • Gas Relays by Biconomy to create gasless creation and for other transactions (meta transaction)
  • Social platform where couples could share their journey with others.