Collectively nurture the inspiring storyteller within us all.

Built at ETHDenver 2024
DAOs & Community Track

The problem Sekai solves

Sekai tackles the issue of passive media consumption and the high barriers to content creation. Traditional media landscapes often leave audiences as mere spectators, with a significant gap between content creators and consumers. This limits diversity in storytelling and makes content creation seem inaccessible to many due to technical, financial, or creative constraints.

Sekai introduces a solution by leveraging AI and web3 to democratize the process of storytelling, making it easier and more collaborative. It transforms passive viewers into active participants, enabling anyone to contribute to the narrative, regardless of their technical skills or creative background. This approach not only enriches the storytelling ecosystem with a wider range of voices and perspectives but also fosters a more engaged and interactive community.

Sekai provides AI tools allow anyone to bring their stories to life by generating text, images, and audio, thus reducing the intimidation of starting from a blank slate. Users can then influence story directions, contribute ideas, and co-create content, enhancing the depth and engagement of narratives.

Using Story Protocol and a inspired Social-Fi modal, Sekai ensures that creators are fairly compensated and recognized for their contributions. This model encourages a sustainable creative economy where value is generated and shared within the community, promoting a cycle of continuous innovation and growth.

By lowering entry barriers and promoting active participation, Sekai nurtures the storyteller within everyone, making the creation and sharing of stories more accessible and rewarding. It's a step towards a future where storytelling is a collective, inclusive endeavor, where everyone is empowered to contribute.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Story Protocol was challenging as there were many methods that did not easily fit our use case. We had to hack the smart contract and modify the methods in order to create the Key Licenses Marketplace for the Sekai Keys.

Additionally, seamlessly integrating the AI tools to allow users to create visually engaging with audio was quite challenging.

Lastly, integrating the Sekai Keys into our platform in a very simple and intuitive way that also incentivized users to contribute to a greater community was challenging.

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