On-chain verifyable address rating protocl, protecting assets of the next 1B users

The problem Score solves


In web3, frontend hacks or scamms with address poisining lead to millions of assets stolen (eg. 1.3M stolen, 570k stolen ).


To build an on-chain rating, which would protect next billion users from being scammed by scammers.

Each address is assign a score based on open algorithm with on-chain verification, boosting your trust by:

  • owning bluchip NFTs
  • passing well-known trustworthy KYCs
  • owning POAPs and SBTs

Challenges we ran into

Q: How to make UX for the end user better?
A: Provide with metamask and etherscan plugins, allowing to have rating integrated into his existing user flow

Q: How to build a trustworthy rating?
A: Rely on existing elements of ecosystem and not create yet another token. Make the algorithm open-source

Q: How to make it on-chain but not pay $$$ for gas?
A: Use merkle tree and merkle proof, storing only the root on-chain