Scatter provides ownership of the world’s most sought after NFTs in fractions. Scatter omits creator fees, reduces entry costs, expand communities and increases access.

The problem Scatter solves

[Before Hackathon]: The Fractionalise, Trade & Merge feature was integrated before the Unfold 2022.

[During Hackaton]: We have integrated EPNS as notification service, Created a create NFT method were users can create there Nfts and storing the data on Filecoin. Using Spheron now for decentralised infrastructure.

Scatter provides user the Infrastructure to create the fractions of the NFTs. Which Users can distribute among the community or can simply trade on secondary marketplace like Opensea, looksrare, X2Y2, Rarible etc. We also support Create feature now, so that users can upload the image and mint their custom NFTs.

Challenges we ran into

1.) We had to create a notification system to notify the users of the recently fractionalized NFTs. We intregated the EPNS to solve this.
2.) We firstly deployed on github pages but now we have migrated to spheron for end to end decentralized deployments.
3.) Our Create page stores NFT details offchain so we have integrated the Filecoin for storage.