Budget friendly dish recommendation app based on user's interest

The problem Saveury solves


  • An app that recommends dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner based on one's preferences.

  • Switching over to this can help you to save money on your dishes by selecting the budget friendly dishes to cook.

  • Impact - After the pandemic, many have become weak economically. Rising prices of essential things are an alarming situation. There is a strong need for people to save money. This app suggests better cooking ideas by analysing the market prices of groceries everyday. Thus saving a good amount of money.

Challenges we ran into

  • We struggled to get recipe data of Indian food items since there isn't any API available.
  • Gathering recipe data from various sites was time consuming.
  • Scrapping dynamic websites like amazon/flipkart was not easy for us.
  • Proper formatting of data fetched from database was challenging .

Technologies used