Saral Wallet

Easy connect to Tezos

The problem Saral Wallet solves

This wallet provides the users and developers a platform to communicate and interact with tezos blockchain and dApps built on tezos with ease using a browser extension. Tezos at its core has a very strong and unique architecture which makes it an A-player in the field but being working with Tezos for quite some time now, I personally feel that user connectivity is really a holdback, as for Ethereum, we have MetaMask which makes it easier for any developer to work on ethereum. Following this track, I thought of building this wallet

Saral Wallet

, which is a browser extension (currently for Google Chrome only) using which users can interact and connect with Tezos blockchain.

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Challenges I ran into

There were many challenges I faced in the development. Some of them were,

  1. How to build a chrome extension with reactJS. It may sound silly but, I have never worked on chrome extensions before and it was my first experience with the same. It took me 4-5 days to research the same and at last, I found how to set up my react app and found a boilerplate for the same which helped me get started with the same.
  2. Detailed understanding of ConseilJS. I had a basic idea about the functions and how to integrate it with the app but to completely built an app is a different thing. Cryptonomic team/developers on discord helped me solve my doubts regarding the same and I was able to work forward on it.
    These two were the main challenges that I faced and overcome and helped me improve myself as a developer.