Samrajya DAO

Samrajya DAO

Making Chess Great Again!

The problem Samrajya DAO solves


India is believed to be the birth place for chess. And it is unfortunate that players here are not supported well enough in their careers. In the pandemic, a lot of chess fans started following Samay Raina as he hosted tournaments between comics, influencers and professional players.
Later a lot of other players like Vidit, Adhiban, Tania joined Samay in the youtube streaming wave. The streams generated a ton of extra revenue they could not have been able to generate normally. This was a good way for professional chess players to earn a quick buck and the community to contribute towards their success.

Unfortunately YouTube takes a huge cut as platform fees from the revenue. Not only are the fans losing their precious cash but the players are not able to rely on it for consistent financial support.
The popularity of the sport has increased in the last two years but it may soon go down as the streamers have resumed their day-jobs.

Adding a social context of a DAO to this fan following would enable players to meet up in their cities and organise events or just play a quick match.

Funding grand masters, players, coaches, creators are the main monetary purposes of the DAO.


  • On-chain crowd funding of treasury
  • A governance system
    • Fund raiser proposals
    • Governance token distribution based on activity
    • Tokenomics to incentivise voting

Challenges I ran into

I had to design the smart contract architecture for the DAO proposals and voting. This seemed like a very sound problem to solve but I fell into the rabbithole of tokenomics and attacks. There are also very few resources on building a DAO infra and contracts.
I took help from a blog of Patrick Collins and that helped me make progress on the DAO contracts.

Technologies used