Sakhi: Your Besfriend

Sakhi: Your Besfriend

Unlocking Opportunities, Empowering Women

The problem Sakhi: Your Besfriend solves

Safe and convenient transportation: Allows users to book female drivers, providing an additional layer of safety and comfort for women passengers. By choosing cab, bike, or auto options, women can easily travel without the concerns often associated with public transportation.

SOS feature: The inclusion of an SOS feature ensures the safety of women using the app. In case of emergencies or threatening situations, users can quickly seek assistance or notify their emergency contacts.

Access to essential services: Provides information about nearby pharmacies and washrooms for women. This feature assists women who are traveling or in unfamiliar areas, making it easier for them to find these crucial facilities.

Empowering women: Showcases kitchens run by women who want to empower themselves. By supporting these women and their businesses, the app promotes financial independence and entrepreneurship.

Collaboration with NGOs: Collaboration with NGOs to source drivers and cooks, giving opportunities to women who have faced abuse, addiction, or other challenges. By connecting them with potential employment and empowering them through skill development, the app contributes to their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Chatbot functionality: The chatbot within the app offers multiple benefits, including the ability to rate drivers, access safety and self-defense tips, and apply to become a driver.

Upskilling through games: Provides a platform for women to upskill themselves. By offering educational and skill-building games, the app encourages personal development and learning.

Networking opportunities: The app facilitates connections among like-minded women, allowing them to connect and network. This feature encourages social interactions, collaboration, and the formation of supportive communities.

Donation feature: The option to donate to NGOs through Google Pay enables users to contribute to the causes supported by the app.

One stop solution for women.

Challenges we ran into

Integration of multiple functionalities and screens:

The Sakhi app involved integrating various screens and functionalities such as booking female drivers, providing safety features, showcasing nearby services, connecting with NGOs, and incorporating additional sections like games and networking. Integrating all these components seamlessly and ensuring a cohesive user experience presented a significant challenge.

To tackle this challenge during the hackathon, we followed these steps:

Clear prioritization: We prioritized the core features of the app and focused on developing them first. By identifying the most critical functionalities, we ensured that they were implemented effectively and met the intended purpose.

Continuous testing and feedback: We conducted frequent testing throughout the development process to identify any bugs, inconsistencies, or usability issues. User feedback played a crucial role in refining and improving the app's functionality and user interface.

Time management: Given the limited time frame of the hackathon, efficient time management was crucial. We set realistic milestones, allocated sufficient time for each task, and made sure to allocate extra time for unforeseen challenges or bug fixing.

Minimal viable product (MVP) approach: To meet the hackathon deadline, we focused on building a functional MVP that demonstrated the core features and value proposition of the Sakhi app. This allowed us to present a working prototype within the given time constraints.

Tracks Applied (3)


Used Replit as the code editor and collaborator. We also plan on deploying it using replit.



Deployment of our webapp on Digital Ocean for fast and reliable cloud hosting and scalability.


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