DAOCompass - 1st draft

DAOCompass - 1st draft

Validate and Characterize DAOs Effortlessly!

The problem DAOCompass - 1st draft solves

In a rapidly evolving landscape of DAOs, individuals and communities increasingly require a reliable tool to evaluate the authenticity, legitimacy, and potential of DAOs. DAOCompass addresses the challenge of accurately assessing the founders' vision, intentions, and ability to enable successful decentralized organizations.

This challenge extends to aspiring founders as well, who may commit to establishing a DAO without fully understanding the limitations imposed by the project's goals, context, and the team's capabilities. They may naively assume that operating in a DAO mode is feasible, only to realize later that the necessary conditions for effective decentralized governance are lacking.

In summary, DAOCompass addresses the challenge of properly assessing the founders' endeavor and determining the feasibility of embarking on the DAO path. It ensures that both potential founders and participants have the necessary insights to make informed decisions, leading to more effective and successful decentralized organizations within the DAO ecosystem.

Challenges we ran into

Lenster / Lens: The integration to Lenster - sharing the assessment results towards the Lenster to facilitate further discussion among potential DAO members. Lenster / Lens docs do not cover the way to share the image besides text. Text sharing was ok and tested.

Survey Questions crowdsourcing, refinement and prioritization: we were introduced to the FactoryDAO tool, but it does not have any API, yet.