Solving complex medical problems using simple AI

The problem Robo_boys_MainTrack2 solves

Contactless vitals monitoring in the MedTech field. We designed and developed an algorithm to measure vitals such as pulse and breathing rate from data collected contactlessly. We used Bed based Ballistocardiography signal for measuring J peaks, heart rate, respiratory rate, bed occupancy and motion artifact.

Challenges we ran into

The BCG signal was very noisy at some portions due to either movement or no bed occupancy. This made it difficult to detect J peaks and subsequently calculating pulse, breathing rate and other vitals. We calculated standard deviation in the data and used this to detect the noisy areas.

Moreover, finding out the respiratory rate proved to be tricky as there was no foolproof method to calculate it from BCG signal. We researched a lot on this matter and found out a process which gave us the breathing cycle on the basis of the rising and falling J peak graph.

Finally, making the various algorithms and models and tuning the hyperparameters took much time and effort.