Rkade brings together the world of web3 and fantasy games for Football! Play leagues by creating your own team or play against a friend by backing your favorite teams using NFTs in a real world game!

The problem Rkade solves

Our vision is to combine web3 with fantasy games and to come up with a platform that acts as a hub for fantasy games for any sports that you can imagine. We took another step in bringing this vision to life at Unfold 2022 by creating a fantasy game that revolves around Football!
Football is one of the biggest sport in the world having billions of fans across the globe. Football is also about having fun with your friends and showing your support and loyalty towards your favorite teams and sticking with them through thick and thin. With Rkade, we let you enjoy 2 game modes - The leagues and 1v1.

Here's how it works:

  • You choose the mode that you wish to play in. To enter leagues all you need to do is come to platform, select the league that you wanna play in, choose a real-life game that is going to take place and you can get started by adding a small amount of MATIC which becomes part of a pool.
  • Once you are in, you can see the players that are playing in that specific match and you can create your own 5 man team and submit it. Once that is done, all you have to do is enjoy the game and come back post game to see how did you do on the leaderboard.
  • Post every game, we will have 5 winner who will win some amount of MATIC from the pool along with(this is the fun part) a pack which contains 3 NFTs. These NFTs are collectibles of various football players and these are completely randomized so no one is sure about what they can get from a pack!
  • These NFTs get added to your wallet and act as your access keys to playing 1v1 with your friend on Rkade! If you and your friend have a player NFT you can head to the 1v1 mode, join a game and back your favorite team with these NFTs in a real-life game. It's winner takes all so the winner of a game gets to keep their own NFT along with the other person's NFT!
  • You can only play 1v1 if you have the NFTs. You can get them either by winning in the league games or by buying them from our own NFT marketplace!

Challenges we ran into

  • Managing time was a bit difficult since we designed the whole platform from scratch and developed it simlutaneously. We also designed the NFTs during the hack which took some additional time.
  • Getting a hold of an API that would help us with the variables that we would feed in our algorithm was a challenge as well but we ended up figuring out how to work with data and cleaned it to make use of it.
  • Adding game logics to the smart contract was a slight issue that we ran into it but we figured it out after going through some documentations and lot of experiments.