An Dapp that allow you to support your favourite activist by stake RICE token.

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Last updated: 03 April 2022 10:44 AM

update rice with recent iteration

The problem RICE-SKDUE solves

A dApp that allows you to support your favorite activist (environmental, political, etc.) by staking rice token on the platform and using Twitter API to represent the person/organization you want to support. Rice is also an exchange for swapping Wrapped Matic to rice token from a pool which you can also stake in the pool to make rice's liquidity higher. The swap system take 0.3% as a fee which will send to the Moneyball contract. After the vote session ended 50% of money in Moneyball will send to the activist's wallet address who won the vote session with the most vote. Another 40% of Moneyball was split among all persons who provide the liquidity to the rice protocol and lastly, 10% was kept in the Moneyball contract to pay gas for the next transaction.

A reward for people who participated in the vote session is to have a chance to get NFT minted by protocol and random among all people who participate in the vote session using chainlink's VRF

Challenges we ran into

Learning new technologies and to have decentralize perspective by try to not let's app direcly connect with someone or some organize.

In this hackathon we use lots of tools in this projects which we'll describe briefly what do we use it for.
Chainlink VRF It provide a randomness that can be reliable to give us random person who get nft.
**ALCHEMY **It is place where we will connect to real chain. In chain it is kinda mess a bit so we will let alchemy handle task in chain for us.
ALCHEMY NFT API It manage data from chain about your NFT which really robust, orderly and faster. We use it to fetch all ours nft that user own.
IPFS to managing and holding our NFT's metadata.
Spheron for deploy ours website.

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