Relive the classics in web3

The problem RetroArc solves

Our platform is one stop for both, retro gamers and web3 enthusiasts. We wish to provide a platform where people can enjoy retro games and reap the benefits of nfts to have an added advantage on the journey to the top of leaderboard. Our mission is to onboard next million users to web3 using the Sui Network. The ease of not having to maintain or worry about maintaining the key, by just using gmail to login to our platform using Sui's zkLogin, makes the onboarding seamless.

Challenges we ran into

Running the Sui provider on docker for proving Zk service was challenging and also deploying it to devnet was tricky, but thanks to the sui community for guiding us through the challenges. Nextjs support for Spheron is not at par with platforms like Vercel, which supports SSR. Even after deploying the docker image on Spheron, it showed a success error but did not yie;d any working URLs. The Spheron team on-site was helpful in guiding us towards docker.