We have built a smart contract responsible for writing ENS records on arbitrary chains outside Ethereum mainnet using EIP-3668. It’s a tool that allows different chains to "talk" with each other.

The problem RESOLV3R solves

  1. ENS right know required using Ethereum Mainnet which have high gas costs, which limits the amount of usecase that can be built on top of ENS by using "RESOLV3R", we are empowering ENS users to go to chains that are cheaper/preferred to stablish usecases that wouldn't be possible otherwise. I.E: Imagine a dApp levering ENS text records to store information therefore enhancing the user experience.
  2. The Gnosis chain feels isolated, so we want to bring the social component of ENS to the Gnosis community, providing a use case for bringing new users into Gnosis due to the cheap gas costs.
  3. No identity provider for Gnosis/Mantle, known to us. We choose to establish ENS as a way to store data associated with an identity. So we are bringing identity management to Gnosis/Mantle. 
  4. Social feeds or dapps from Optimism, Mantle and Gnosis will now be able use this Resolver. 

Challenges we ran into

  1. Finding an instance for the gnosis testchain.  
  2. How to deal with ENS nameswrapper on goerli in order to know how who owns the subdomains 
  3. Time to implement. 
  4. How to read data from l1 or l2 and viceversa. 
  5. How to make sure that data input is the correct one.