Recon is a marketplace for gamers to buy and sell gameplay clips as NFTs. Treating gameplay like the art it is.

The problem Recon solves

There was a time when gaming was considered just a hobby, but times have changed. Gaming and video game content creation is a primary career for millions across the globe. The Indian gaming market is expected to touch a valuation of 3.9 billion USD by 2025. With the exponential rise of the web3 revolution, its intersection with gaming was inevitable. We made it come to life with Recon. Recon is a platform for gamers and video game content creators to generate an extra stream of revenue by selling their gameplay content to their fans in the form of NFTs. Not just that, practically anyone with an awesome gameplay clip of theirs can list it on our platform for other gamers to buy. We believe that gaming is an art form and Recon is built around that same belief. It is currently deployed to the Polygon Mumbai-Testnet where anyone can get the experience with some test MATIC tokens.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first web3 project. We had no idea how the blockchain, smart contracts, and IPFS worked. We learned every single bit of web3 technology from scratch and then implemented it. We faced traffic issues with the Polygon Mumbai-Testnet Public RPCs so we resorted to Alchemy for a dedicated free RPC URL.