Compete amongs your peers all over india for entrance exam for free. It's a Open Source and free solution to learn, compete and practice for all sorts of competitive exams.

The problem Quinzo solves

So in today's Era education === money. So we are trying to create a free education which is completely driven by community for community
So here is Quinzo, a platform for all learners, where they can keep update themselves by reading latest and trending news in just a click and also they can test themselves by participating in various quiz made by community for specific field.
On quinzo you can prepare yourself for national level entrance like (JEE, UPSCE,CAT,MAT,SAT).
And also you can check your progress by visiting on amazing progress tracker in quinzo

Challenges we ran into


  1. Figure out which frameworks would be best for making applications in a fast and reliable way.
  2. We faced some issues during deployment of our back-end in Azure app service.
  3. We had to figure out how to model our data in Django and create an API for that.
  4. Another thing where we were stuck was how to plot graphs in Flutter.