NFT Marketplace in an interactive 3D experience

The problem Quark solves

One of the main ideas with Quark is that it allows people to buy and sell NFTs in an interactive 3D Experience. Mainly NFTs which included 3D objects and voxel arts. The main uniqueness I brought with this project is that it is a very gaming-like interactive and immersive marketplace. A group of players can roam around (or will be able to) with parts of the world, looking for the perfect NFTs to buy and add to their collection. They can also sell their NFTs in the marketplace.

In current modern apps, most of the marketplaces hardly provide such immersive marketplace experiences, Quark brings this to the table. With multiple features which will be added soon, this app will truly bring the opportunity where groups of people can even bid NFTs live and can look out for the NFTs together.

Challenges I ran into


One of the biggest challanges I ran into while building Quark is performance. Though it is still bad in many regards, I have and will put all my effort into this. Different techniques and strategies for loading/optimizing 3D models are currently built into this project and more are yet to be added.

I am happy to say that in the 3 days of the extended hackathon period I was able to improve performance from where it was crashing on average Android device to running smooth 60fps.

Collision System

Though it doesn't seem a big problem from far away, it has chewed many days and I am still not able to discover a performant & perfect collision detection system. Also, a simple raycasting collision system is added to the app but it's still far away from perfection/completion.