Push Snap

Get Push protocol notifications directly in metamask.

The problem Push Snap solves

Currently users have to install Push protocol's mobile application/separate browser extension to view notifications.

As per report (https://earthweb.com/metamask-statistics/), there are more than 21 million monthly active users of metamask.
So, it would be great if people start receiving push notifications in their metamask extension.

After installing Push-Snap in their metamask browser extension, users will be able to easily receive notifications from their subscribed channels directly into metamask.

Example : Consider one of the protocol got hacked and user have subscribed to Push channel. User before making transaction on the protocol can quickly view the push notification into their browser extension. In this way, users would get safe from any fraud.

Challenges I ran into

Debugging in metamask snap is very tedious.

Push protocol's rest api package wasn't fetching response. So i had to use browser's Fetch method on one of their feed api to fetch the response.