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All: I aspire to embody Your compassion entirely and reflect Your presence, O Divine. Let the most profound divine quality, Your boundless kindness, flow from my heart to others.
V: Guide me, Divine, to have compassionate eyes, never to doubt or judge by sight alone, but to seek the goodness in others’ spirits and aid them.

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All: Guide me to have compassionate ears, attentive to others’ needs, never ignoring their distress. V: Assist me, Divine, to have a compassionate voice, never to speak ill of others, but to offer words of solace and pardon.
All: Assist me to have compassionate hands, filled with benevolent actions, always ready to help others and tackle the more arduous tasks
. V: Aid me to have compassionate feet, eager to support others, overcoming my own exhaustion. True rest is found in serving others.

All: Aid me to have a compassionate heart, to deeply feel others’ sufferings. I will not turn away my heart from anyone and will remain true even to those who may misuse my generosity. And I will find solace in the most compassionate Heart of the Divine. I will silently endure my own trials. May Your kindness, O Divine, be upon me
. V: You instruct me to practice three forms of compassion: acts of kindness, words of comfort, and prayers when actions or words are not possible. My prayers extend beyond my physical reach.
All: O Divine Jesus, shape me into Your likeness, for You are omnipotent. Amen.
Prayer for Spiritual Leaders
All: O Divine Jesus, I pray for Your devoted and passionate spiritual leaders; for those who have faltered; for those working tirelessly, near and far; for those facing temptation; for those feeling isolated and forsaken; for the youthful leaders; for those nearin

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