Privacy for your DeFi transactions and beyond

The problem Praave solves

  1. Business Information Protection: Public transactions can reveal sensitive details such as wallet balances and trading strategies. Our solution ensures such vital information remains concealed, preserving your business integrity.

  2. Promoting User Adoption: Privacy is a crucial aspect of financial transactions. Our tool guarantees transactional anonymity in DeFi, fostering trust and encouraging broader acceptance of decentralized finance.

  3. Safeguarding Major Token Holders: Large token holders can unintentionally sway market trends, leading to unwanted price manipulation. Our tool allows them to lend tokens discreetly, reducing potential market disruptions.

  4. Securing User Information: Users often prefer to keep loan details, like liquidation prices, private to prevent potential market manipulation. Our tool keeps these details concealed, protecting users' financial stability.

Challenges we ran into

Railgun docs, PWN integration, deployment on different chains, browser extensions