PowerBoard - The ultimate snapshotter experience

PowerBoard - The ultimate snapshotter experience

Snapshotter Node powered dashboard that gives critical and accurate analysis and representation of all the data fetched by the node. The running node can also grab data from user entered contracts.

The problem PowerBoard - The ultimate snapshotter experience solves

Obtaining accurate on-chain data poses a significant challenge, primarily due to the variance in data consistency when using different nodes in the network to fetch information. The current state of the chain may differ depending on the node queried, leading to complexities in data comprehension, locating the latest chain state, and building applications on top of it.

There exists a crucial need for a platform that showcases a universally agreed-upon representation of the chain's state and offers analytical insights.

This entails empowering nodes to fetch information for user-inputted smart contracts, ascertain their states, undergo consensus, and progress to provide precise, epoch-based insights and data.

Enter the Powerboard Dashboard — a solution designed to fulfill these requirements. It offers an intuitive interface for comprehending data while ensuring users have the capability to independently fetch smart contracts. Functioning as a superior source of information, it guarantees the veracity of the data presented, sourced in a decentralized manner

Challenges I ran into

  1. Running my own snapshotter node was an interesting challenge. it required me to not only understand system configurations but also expand to a cloud deployment model and use a variety of scripts to run and understand the data.
  2. Plugging smart contract into the redis cache was a tricky challenge. it required me to tap into the existing redis data pool and push data accordingly.
  3. user research for this was a big part as this dashboard would be used by experts for research and thus we wanted to ensure we are as optimised and thorough as possible.

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