Pouch Wallet
Pouch is a peer-to-peer payments and utility dApp, with an inbuilt reward system, on top of Compound Finance.
The problem Pouch Wallet solves

Pouch solves the problem of onboarding new users to the crypto ecosytem as well as overhauling the user experience of existing users by incentivising users to interact with our platform, all with a long term and sustainable business model.

The experience of Web2 on Web3.

What Pouch Solves?

Free Gasless Transactions Pouch lets users sign the transactions and the relayers sends that transaction to the blockchain with no charges for the user.

Seamless UX The UX was designed to attract the new crypto users in mind. At no point does the user feels out of place.

Abstracted UI Exctract only relevant information and ignore inessential details.

Incentive Driven Approach Rewarding users for interacting with our dApp.

Metamask-LESS No additional hurdles for users to start interacting with blockchain.

How Pouch Solves?

Generating Interest through Compound Dai deposited in our contracts mints cDai which helps us to give out rewards and incentives to users.

Native Token Existing tokens make for great use cases but hampers the UX without meta transactions. Pouch Token ( PCH) is built from ground up with meta transactions at every core activity of the user.

PCH is redeemable 1:1 DAI at any point in time.

Challenges we ran into

Meta Transactions

-Throughout the dApp, We wanted to make sure the UX does not suffer at the cost of convinience of developers and therefore meta transactions were a quintessential feature to be utilised.

-After struggling to integrate Meta transactions, Biconomy team helped us get through the initial hurdles and setup a smooth meta transactions in our dApp.

A big shout to the Biconomy team for their invaluable guidance throughout the course of this project.

EIP712 Signatures

-EIP712 is a great step forward for security and usability because users will no longer need to sign off on inscrutable hexadecimal strings, which is a practice that can be confusing and insecure.

-The challenging part was the understanding of the components of EIP712 signatures such as domain seperator, r,s,v etc.

Upgradable Smart Contracts

-Low level calls invites more risk to a project and thus, the implied challenges and security vulnerabilites needed to be researched before making an upgradable smart contract.

-Various patterns for upgradable proxy contracts were researched and 'proxy pattern' was used in our smart contracts.


As important a bridge metamask is, It does require users to go through additional steps to interact with a dApp.Therefore, finding an alternative that is built into the dApp makes the UX seamless and organic.

Torus is the perfect use case scenario for Pouch Wallet and an organic choice for our dApp.

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