Secure crypto portfolio management and exchange application

The problem Portex solves

Most of the existing management tools are managed by services that don't guarantee complete confidentiality. Even the portfolio tools that guarantee don't have a mechanism to exchange and share it with other users in a secure manner.
We feel that it can be solved with the help of a user-controlled profile (Decentralized Identities) and an open yet secure way of exchanging messages.
The solution we built using Portex provides a way for each user to maintain their portfolio confidentially. It also gives flexibility for the user to exchange their portfolio securely whenever there is a need to share such information with other users or institutions without exposing it to any intermediaries.

Challenges we ran into

Since we spent a decent amount of time ideating the design and analyzing the technologies, we haven't faced a lot of issues while building. But we had to alter the mechanism of how the portfolio documents are exchanged due to the complexity involved in resharing the updated portfolio document. Instead of using the dedicated Ceramic document for each portfolio shares after encrypting it to the recipient, we used symmetric key encryption so that we need to only handle the key exchange mechanism for each user and not worry about resharing the encrypted portfolio after every update. We also spent some time integrating magic link for user authentication, we haven't completely tested the flow as of the demo.