An internal protocol that allows wallets and WorldCoin IDs to correspond 1:1 per chain.

The problem PoPwallet solves

With worldapp authentication, an on-chain user can "link" one address per chain in the PoPwallet to authenticate that the linked address is the only one in that chain.

In the existing crypto ecosystem, there is an invisible war going on between multi-accounters and foundations. There are a lot of battles going on to stop sybil attacks. For example, Paraswap has effectively defended against it by using wallet tracing. (ref.)

In response, multi-accounters are referring to tools like metasleuth to bypass it, and even checking transaction paths to hide the origin of tokens by sending Ethereum from different CEX. As this battle continues, the labor and computing resource drain of increasingly complex transactions will increase. For now, the best way to prevent it is not captcha, not a bunch of web-2 authentication, but Worldapp.

A worldapp is an unique, biometrically authenticated proof of personhood that can't be easily replicated.
We can simplify authentication between dapps and on-chain users. Users don't need to authenticate through the app every time they access another dapp, and the dapp only needs to verify that the address is authenticated using our API without any transactions. It's incredibly simple & fast protocol for providers and users alike.

The difference between our project and POAP is that it cannot be traded and cannot be migrated. Users can assign an address to each chainid permanently**.** (with a wallet connection, of course!!) This should be linked very carefully and in most cases irreversibly (unlinking it for reasons like lost mnemonics would be a huge effort).

Challenges we ran into

It was our first hackathon and none of us had any experience in blockchain development. We were all developers from web2, and we were a team of developers with no designers, The combination of these three headwinds made us feel like giving up and impatient at times. But we did what we had to do to get the job done, and we got the project done.