Interchain MEssaging system For Polygon-Edge using Graph and Chronos (Cosmos-IBC)

The problem PolyGossip solves

  • Polygon Edge chains don't have a way of passing messages to each other like major L1s communicate using LayerZero, Hyperlane etc.
  • Non-Existent solution for EVM chains to communicate with non-EVM chains like that of Axelar , Osmosis etc. in Cosmos ecosystem


  • Develop a toolkit for developers so that developers can integrate polygon-edge

  • Create a relayer between Polygon-Edge and Chronos ( a COSMOS-SDK chain) so that Polygon Edge chains can communicate with 53+ chains of Cosmos using Interchain Messaging and also with each other

  • Connecting Polygon-Edge chain with graph node so that it can supply the relayed bytes from the contract to the relayer