Proof of Education, Own what you learn.

The problem Poly.edu solves

Poly.edu, can be called as the " gamified web3 udemy", is a decentralized, non-custodial and trust-free environment to learn and claim on-chain soulbound NFT certificates on completion of the course. By doing so the course creators have the flexibility to create courses and set their own fees without any middleman. The students can access educational or informational gamified courses in Valist and attend the quiz in our dApp to claim the soulbound ERC1155 certificates. It is minted cross chain in Polygon and BSC smart chain.

Challenges I ran into

It was a really hard time integrating almost 7 protocols in my application. Being a native blockchain developer and game developer. I found it really hard to build the frontend for my application. I also ran into a lot off issues with theGraph at the last moments which I somehow sorted out by the nick of time. Building the smart contract was a really great experience for me as I ran into a lot of issues and spent a lot of time debugging. Overall a great experience!

Technologies used