Plenty Discord NFT Bot

A Discord Bot that rewards active users in the Plenty Discord server with free NFTs. Improves user activity and engagement

The problem Plenty Discord NFT Bot solves

A Discord Server can get slow at times and it is hard to keep users engaged all the time with games and activities. With a custom generative NFT on the line, It will motivate users to have meaningful conversations and help with the overall development of the community!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into multiple challenges while making this project but they all were fun learnings. I would like to thank the Plenty team Ajit and Anmol and all the members there for responding quickly to our doubts and issues
Here is a list of challenges we faced (which are now solved)
-NFT metadata on Tezos
-Less documented Pytezos library
-crowd sale contract on smartpy
-modifying the existing fa2 template