Plantation Station

Plantation Station

Imagine a world were we work with nature rather against it. A world where ai agents work with us to address some of the largest problems facing humanity.

The problem Plantation Station solves

Plantation Station is a decentralized agent service that monitors, manages and optimizes the yield of plants and vegetables. By minting dynamic NFTs representing crops, real-time observational data is updated on-chain, providing transparency and traceability. These NFTs can be used as collateral on the PWN marketplace, enabling growers to unlock capital upfront in order to fund their operations. Additionally, individuals can invest in discounted NFTs representing real-world produce, enabling them to participate in the agricultural sector. On expiry, holders of NFTs representing yield can burn their NFT and acquire the produce.

Challenges we ran into

It was particularly challenging to resolve dependencies on the raspberry pi to enable a tendermint network between the participating agents. Other challenges were caused by our lack of frontend development experience.