Pit Stop - Mobile

Pit Stop - Mobile

Pit Stop is a web3 Formula1 fantasy game application where players can build their virtual garages by minting F1 cars as NFTs and compete with others by wagering these NFT cars on real life F1 races.

The problem Pit Stop - Mobile solves

The world of fantasy sports is awesome. With Pit Stop, we made it even better by integrating fantasy F1 with web3. Players can create their own car garage in the metaverse, mint F1 cars as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, and wager them on drivers from real life F1 Grand Prix. They can then compete with other players by scoring points on the basis of results of real life F1 races which will make their cars more valuable, and move their garage up on the global leaderboard. Players can also buy/sell/trade these cars among each other via our in-app marketplace, making their way to the top. Pit Stop is currently deployed on the Polygon Mumbai Testnet for anyone to get started with test MATIC tokens!
We started building Pit Stop in ETHIndia's Ethernals hackathon and we were only able to build a web app which was being used to conduct all our test run. But, since most people prefer mobile first applications, we thought it would be really nice to make Pit Stop available as a phone application as well. Hence, at warpspeed, we built the mobile version of Pit Stop.

Work done before Warpspeed:

  • Only the web app of Pit Stop existed before on which people used to come and back their favorite drivers and constructors. We didn't even have a m-web version of it.

Work done at Warpspeed:

  • Designed the complete mobile application from scratch during the hackathon hours.
  • Coded out all the designs and brought the mobile application to life during the hackathon hours.
  • We were able to build a fully working prototype of our mobile app but still we have a lot of polishing to do. We were able to get our main functionality to work, the work needs to be done on making the app look better.

Challenges we ran into

  • The very first challenge was building this whole thing out within 24hrs. We created the web app within a week back then. Even with a little bit of prior knowledge, on paper, it was very difficult to finish the application with the designs and everything within 24hrs but we still wanted to do it and see how far we could push ourselves to build this thing out.
  • This was only our second project using React native hence it was a bit difficult navigating through some errors and issue but we eventually found our way around these issues and made it work.
  • It took some time to figure out the WalletConnect protocol to connect the meta mask wallet to the mobile application but we were able to get this to work as well.
  • It was very difficult to find an IPFS HTTP client which worked in the react native environment. All of the existing ones are made to work in browsers. After a lot of hunting we found a small package that was able to get the job done for us.