Turn digital moments into collectible Pieces

The problem Piece solves

We’ve improved…


Owning physical mementos helps us feel like a part of moment, but in the digital world we’re often limited to likes, retweets, and premium subscriptions. As more of our lives happen online, we believe this presents a massive opportunity to make our digital moments more valuable.

NFT creation & discoverability

Just @ our Twitter bot and an NFT is created as a collectible $1 open edition for 24 hours. No account setup, art, or listing details required.

Mainstream onboarding

Current web3 platforms are good for ownership but sacrifice ease of adoption. We didn't compromise on either. Collecting a Piece is a easy as authenticating with Twitter and buying with a credit card. No wallet or crypto needed. And thanks to Flow's walletless onboarding and hybrid custody, collectors can access or move NFTs with a linked non-custodial wallet, even if our site shuts down.

Brand/creator monetization

Much of our favorite brands' revenue comes from low ticket items like t-shirts and tote bags. In the digital world, we don’t have many truly ownable substitutes for these. Piece may help us bridge a large gap in the collector experience and unlock a positive-sum monetization channel for creators.


If we can make digital moments more real, we might help dematerialize and reduce the reliance on the physical mementos so common in collecting.

Communicating identity

The mementos we buy can say more about us than what we interact with on social media, but they’re often limited to viewing IRL or posting unverifiable images of them on social media. With Piece, the moments you own can be shown and verified to a global audience on any supported platform.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing walletless onboarding, signing transactions from our server with an authorization function brought up weird errors with Flow's access node API. Generating images from text.