Personalizing finance using data from AA

Financial future built smart with AA

The problem Personalizing finance using data from AA solves

Removes the hassle of sharing documents and other information on finance by end user and uses very reliable and easily consumable AA data to identify income, cash flow, expense, expense classes, financial assets, liabilities to better orchestrate  investments to insurance planning for a better financial future.

Challenges we ran into

Integration with some of the AA's evolving API where a challenge. We tried couple of them and support teams helped to get it running. Had bugs and other challenges in chat bot integration as well, but we identified and fixed. The simulation research and implementation in dask took a lot of effort. The things that we can and want to do were many but had to stick to a fewer use cases, given the limit limitation for the hackathon. Kaleidofin being a early stage startup, the team had very tight schedule at work in addition hence handle work and hackathon was other challenge. To name, the challenges were many but was a good learning for the team - both technical and product. The team enjoyed the overall journey.