Perpetual Organization Architect

Perpetual Organization Architect

Build a fully community owned(not investor, admin, or developer owned) organization with complex voting, task managment, and partcipation reward distribution with no code or governance knowledge.

The problem Perpetual Organization Architect solves

Our mission is to simplify the creation of and participation in fully community owned organizations by leveraging AI for onboarding and decentralized technologies for the infrastructure. This tool is geared to all types of organiztions: a family doing chores together, a student organiztion with elections, to a full open source software collective. Full decentralization is our priority. We want to ensure that the created Perpetual Organizations can’t be stopped or changed by anyone but the community members and contributors. Once deployed only one of our 3 voting types can be used to upgrade the Perpetual Organization.

Direct Democracy Voting:
This is used for general community polling

Participation Based Voting:
Our On chain task manager and participation reward distribution system gives users that contribute more higher voting weight. This voting option is good for gauging what projects community will actually work on. There is also a quadratic voting option you can enable.

Hybrid Voting:
This combines direct democracy and participation based voting so you can effectively measure contributor intrest in working on a project as well as community want for the project all in the same vote. We allow you to select how each is weighed. For example, 70% partciaption based and 30% direct democracy allows you to let the commmunity have a check on the contributors but still makes sure that the project is intresting for contirbutors to work on.

Other Features:
Complex Role Managment:
Through our NFT you can define user permission on who can create tasks and review them and who can create proposals.

Treasury and Upgrade Manamgment:
One voting option can be chosen to move around treasury funds and upgrade the Perpetual Organizations contracts through the registry contract

Our Smart Contracts and subgraph are robust. While our front end didnt get to where we hoped it to be we still beleive our DAO model is innovative both from an intellectual and technical standpoint

Challenges we ran into

⁃ Everything took more time than we had anticipated. On the front end, we ran into challenges with Next.js dynamic routing and fleek requiring certain specifications in the next config that were incompatible with some of our other tools. We had some issues with the deployment as well, partly due to designing it with server functions that didn’t work in the browser. We were able to overcome many of the tech challenges with persistence and creative workarounds.
⁃ We are two students, who wanted to get the absolute most out of ETHDenver, so we couldn’t dedicate the time our project deserved between all the other opportunities ETHDenver provides. However, we plan to still work on this project after ETHDenver and build out some of the other functionalities that we are excited about still. However, our backend smart contracts and subgrpah are fully complete and working and we encourage you to exam them thourghouly as well with our web3Context and graphContext that host fully working web3 functions and graph queries. Our task manager was the only theing we got working fully on the DAO UI end

Cheer Project

Cheering for a project means supporting a project you like with as little as 0.0025 ETH. Right now, you can Cheer using ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism and Base.